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Winter weather in Eastlake, OH is coming... are you ready?

12/3/2019 (Permalink)

Winter weather is coming to Eastlake, OH...are you prepared for anything? We are. 

Most of us would probably rather hibernate in Eastlake, OH for the winter than deal with any of the home maintenance tasks that come along with owning property during the wintry months. 

We at SERVPRO of Medina County/Gateway/Western Lake County would like to remind you that your winter will be much better if you take steps now to prevent any winter weather-related disasters or accidents happening in your home!

Here are some helpful tips for winter preparedness in the coming weeks...

  • Keep cabinet doors open during cold spells. This allows warm air to circulate around pipes that could freeze.
  • Keep a slow trickle of water flowing through faucets, especially if the pipes for faucets run through unheated or uninsulated areas of your home.
  • Consider shutting off outdoor faucets. Find the shut-off valve in the basement or crawl space and turn it to "off."
  • If you follow the previous step, then open the outdoor faucet to help ensure it drains completely and the inner valve is shut off.
  • Ensure gutters are clean and secure. Leaves and debris accumulate, causing a damming effect on gutters, which could lead to roof problems and water damage.
  • Proper maintenance of your furnace can help reduce the risk of puffbacks.

Don't overlook these tips this year as you head into the winter months and holiday season. Keep your home safe and secure so that you can focus staying warm and cozy with your loved ones this winter! 

If you do have winter storm damage or water damage to your Eastlake, OH home, we are here to help 24/7! 

Cooking Fire Damage in Willoughby, OH

11/21/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damaged door from cooking fire in Willoughby, OH This Eastlake, OH home suffered from a fire after a stove caught on fire during the holiday season. The home had extensive smoke and soot damage.

Cooking Fires in Willoughby, OH are a leading cause of fire damage. Here's a few tips how to prevent them:

Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires in Willoughby, OH, and they’re responsible for almost half the injuries from home fires. Most kitchen fires involve the stove. This time of the year cooking fires are most common because more people are cooking due to the holiday season. Keep these things in mind while you're cooking:

  • Be sure to turn the stove off.
  • Timers that notify you when the time is done can lend a major helping hand. Always use timers so that you don’t lose track of time.
  • Paper, packaging, towels, oven mitts and wooden cooking are all flammable items and should be kept away from the stove while cooking.
  • Never pour water on a grease fire.
  • If you decide to (and it is safe to) fight the fire, smother it by turning off the burner and covering it with a metal or glass lid or pot. If you can’t extinguish the fire, leave the room, close the door and call 911.

4 classes of water damage in Brunswick, OH

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

Our team cleaning up sewage in Brunswick, OH This home in Brunswick, OH were in need of sewage cleanup. Our team worked hard to make it look "Like it never even happened."

Without warning, water damage emergencies can strike. Immediate response is critical especially when water damage strikes. Did you know there are different classes of water that can cause a loss in your Brunswick, OH home? The classes of water are defined as the following:

Class 1 –A single room is affected, with little to no wet carpet, with water only on surfaces like wood or concrete.

Class 2 –This class effects and entire room, wetness along the walls (12” or more), and moisture still in the structure.

Class 3 –Ceilings, walls, carpet and insulation are all saturated with liquid or water. This is often due to water coming from overhead.

Class 4 –Water saturates in materials with very low levels of permeation, like hardwood or stone.

We understand that dealing with water damage in Brunswick, OH is a highly stressful. Our trained technicians are equipped with the knowledge and equipment to restore your property to its preloss conditions. Do not hesitate to give SERVPRO a call if you experience any kind of water damages.

Our team specializes in water damage repair in Brunswick, OH. Our team is here to help 24/7. 

Water Damage restoration process in Cleveland, OH

10/24/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can occur in a home or business in Cleveland, OH, Medina, OH or Willoughby, OH for a variety of reasons such as a leaky roof, burst pipes, a flood, or even as part of an effort to put out a fire. Once your Brunswick, OH home or business incurs water damage however, regardless of the source, you must act quickly to control and contain the damage.

Water damage restoration done by SERVPRO of Medina County/Gateway/Willoughby is with the goal of restoring property back to its original, non-damaged condition. Our company will come in, assess the damage and what was affected and place a value on your loss and their service to restore your property.

Your water restoration company in Brunswick, OH will determine what category of water damage you have from a scale of one to four. Level one damage is light water damage to one area or one room where the carpet is not saturated. Level two damage usually involves at least one entire room with saturated carpet and wicking up the wall 12 to 24 inches. Level three water damage generally involves overhead damage such as from a leaky ceiling and a saturated room. Level four is the highest damage number and is reserved for deep saturation such as from a flood.

In addition to determining the level of damages to your Willoughby, OH home, our water damage restoration team will also need to determine the level of water contamination. Level one water contamination, for example, is classified as clean water such as from a broken water pipe. Level two water contamination may contain some contaminants that may cause illness if ingested and is considered grey water. This can be from a washing machine overflow, a dishwasher overflow or a toilet bowl overflow that does not contain feces but may contain urine, for example. Level three is considered black water and is considered the most unsanitary. This can come from a toilet overflowing with feces, sewage spillage or flood waters from a river or canal for example. Black water is considered unsanitary and has the potential to cause illness or death if ingested. Standing water can also fall into this category regardless of the source.

Once our certified professionals make these assessments, your water damage restoration team assigned to your job will work to get the water out. Once the water removal cleanup begins, this may require pumping standing water out of the home and sucking the water out of the carpet and flooring. The next step will be to remove any dry wall that has wicking and potentially removing and replacing insulation and structural beams if damaged. Flooring may have to be removed to be dried out or replaced depending on the type of water contamination that has occurred.

Once drying is complete, our team will deodorize and sanitize. We also will leave our professional grade equipment in place for a few days to continue drying the home and returning the temperature and moisture levels to normal. We will preform daily monitor checks to make sure your home is drying properly. If it has reached pre-water damage dryness, the equipment is removed and your home is restored.

Give us a call for all your water removal needs!

What is a furnace puff back in Cleveland?

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Homes in Medina and Brunswick may be faced with a furnace puff back this fall/winter. A furnace puff back occurs after an explosion in the combustion chamber of an oil furnace. Smoke and soot are released and spread throughout a structure. In addition to damaging the furnace, a puff back also calls for professional cleaning and restoration. Find out why you should rely on cleanup professionals to take care of puff back damage.

What Causes a Furnace To Puff Back?

Oil-burning furnaces run a risk of puff back. These incidents tend to occur when 

  • The furnace fails to ignite
  • Oil vapors build up in the ignition chamber
  • An explosion occurs upon ignition

Soot from a furnace puff back spreads throughout heating and exhaust systems. The incident may also introduce debris to every room in a structure. Building owners and managers should monitor oil-burning furnaces for indications of problems, such as the presence of soot in or around the furnace or noises in the combustion chamber at the start of a burn cycle or while the furnace is not running.

What Damage Can A Puff Back Cause?

A puff back can damage the furnace and result in extensive puff back damage throughout the structure. Oily soot may coat every surface, including ductwork, and spread throughout every room with an open vent. This damage may call for the use of specialized cleaning equipment and solutions.

Why To Rely on Cleanup Professionals

Amateur cleaning efforts can actually worsen damage caused by a puff back incident. A cleanup company that specializes in fire and smoke damage will have all of the equipment necessary to handle this type of damage. Professionals can work quickly to restore a commercial structure in Cleveland, OH. 

If an oil furnace experiences a puff back, the owner or manager of the building should contact a furnace repair service and a damage restoration company in Willoughby, OH. Puff back damage mitigation calls for fire and smoke damage restoration methods.

24 hour response ALWAYS

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Medina County/Gateway/Western Lake County provides 24-hour emergency services in Medina, Cleveland and Eastlake and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment.

These are just a few of the things that set us apart from other water damage restoration companies. We have teams of certified professionals that are trained and focused on water damage repairs and fire damage repairs. We also have teams that specialize in storm damage repairs. Lately, we have a certified professionals trained in mold remediation. We always send the most qualified team to your disaster so you are receiving the highest quality of service. We take pride in making your water damage cleanup "Like it never even happened." 

Prepare an emergency kit before disaster strikes in Brunswick, OH

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

7 Emergency Supplies Your Brunswick, OH Home Should Have on Hand

Is your Brunswick home prepared for an emergency situation such as a water damage or whole house flood? Inclement weather situations and power outages can give little to no warning, which is why it is important for your business to have basic emergency supplies on hand in the event they are needed. These 7 necessities are important to ensure your employees safety in case of emergency.


Having a 3-4 day supply of non-perishable food items for each employee is important. Stocking up on items such as salt-free crackers, canned foods with high liquid content, protein bars, peanut butter and dried fruits is a great way to ensure that your employees will be taken care of.


In addition to non-perishable food items, it is important to have a minimum 3 day supply of emergency water per person. You can go about purchasing the water in different ways depending on the amount of usable space you have for storage. The most common methods are cases, gallon jugs or 55-gallon storage barrels. All of these can be used for drinking and sanitation purposes when necessary.


Radios are useful to keep you updated on current weather patterns, evacuation notices and much more. Keeping a few AM/FM radios on hand will keep you abreast to any important information during an emergency. We recommend solar powered radios or battery powered radios for this purpose. If you choose to stock your supplies with battery powered radios, try and save battery power whenever possible.

Protection Against Elements-

During inclement weather if your building sustains damage that deems it unsafe to occupy, all employees may need to evacuate the premises. Having weather appropriate gear such as, ponchos, gloves, thermal blankets and a canopy shelter is key in making sure that all employees are safe.

Emergency Lights-

Electricity can go out for any amount of time during inclement weather or emergency situation. Emergency lighting is essential for your employees to navigate the facility in a safe manner. Battery powered flashlights are great short term lighting, but it is best to also have solar powered or hand cranked flashlights for long term use. We also recommend keeping candles and waterproof matches.

First Aid Kit-

A basic first aid kit with bandages, gauze, adhesive tape and other useful items will be a tremendous help in the event one of your employees is injured. Keeping 2-3 of these stocked and in easily accessible locations is best practice.

Sanitation Supplies-

During a disaster or emergency situation, a sanitary water source and plumbing will more than likely be unavailable. To ensure the wellbeing of employees and to keep things sanitary, you should have emergency sanitation supplies available. Common sanitation items are, hand sanitizers, individual packs of tissue and quality cleaning chemicals.

Having an emergecncy kit during times of crisis will hopefully keep you and your staff safe. Be sure to print this when putting together your Emergency Kit. In the meantime, be sure that you have a vetted vendor for times of emergencies. Call SERVPRO of Medina County/Gateway/Western Lake County. We are always here to help.

Our new name change press release

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

New Name Reflects Company’s New Multi-License Website

MEDINA, OH – October 14, 2019 – SERVPRO of Medina County announces its web presence name change to SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway / Western Lake County effective October 10, 2019. The company still operates out of Medina, OH.

The company has used three franchise names digitally and for advertising purposes, “SERVPRO of Medina County,” “SERVPRO of Gateway,” and “SERVPRO of Western Lake County” for more than 40 years, achieving recognition in the Medina County, Cleveland and Western Lake County communities. Our customers will find no change in the quality of service or services offered or conducting business with the new digital business identity.

“Our decision to streamline our digital presence to one website and one Facebook business page, was to best service our customers. Disasters can’t wait and we want to make sure people are finding the help they need online as easy as possible,” said Ron Valega, General Manager of SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway / Western Lake County. “We have established a great, interactive community on Facebook and bringing all three of our business pages together will enhance that customer experience online, we hope we can be that page that everyone looks forward to getting updates from while remembering we’re here for them 24/7 if disaster strikes.” We proudly serve all of Medina County including Medina, Brunswick and Wadsworth areas. Gateway serves Cleveland, OH and Western Lake County includes Willoughby, OH, Eastlake, OH, Wickliffe, OH, Willowick, OH, and Euclid, OH.

If customers have any questions or concerns regarding the name change, they may contact our office at 330-722-4343.


About SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway / Western Lake County, SERVPRO of Medina County, SERVPRO of Gateway, SERVPRO of Western Lake County: ?Located in Medina, OH, SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway / Western Lake County understands the stress and worry that comes with a fire or water damage and the disruption it causes your life and home or business. Our goal is to help minimize the interruption to your life and quickly make it "Like it never even happened."

 For more information about SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway / Western Lake County, please visit or call 330-722-4343

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Medina, OH 44256
Phone: 330-722-4343

How to prevent water damage in Willoughby, OH

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

If water damage does occur in your Willoughby or Eastlake home, immediately call SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway / Western Lake County. SERVPRO’s teams will:

  • Assess damage for restorability and safety.
  • Determine the extent of the moisture content in effected areas.
  • Move and prop up furniture on blocks if necessary.
  • Extract the water.
  • Remove carpets and carpet pads if necessary.
  • Spray to treat germs and bacteria in contaminated areas.
  • Start the drying process with air movers and dehumidification equipment.
  • Ensure rooms are completely dry and conduct a walk through with homeowners to guarantee customer satisfaction.

If your home is in need of water damage repair in Willoughby, our team is available 24/7. 

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding a possible water damage, mold, of fire damage loss. If you or someone you know succumbs to any type of water damage, give us a call to make your home look "Like it never even happened." 330-722-4343

Bathroom Water Damage in Willoughby

10/9/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Medina County / Gateway/ Western Lake County was called out to a water damage at a home in Willoughby, OH. The main valve on one of the bathtubs failed and flooded the bathroom. When bathrooms have water damage on 2ndand 3rd floors of homes, the water often travels down to lower levels of the home. Our crew had to remove the tile so they could remove and properly dry the affected subflooring. Water damage is often beneath surfaces that are visible to the eye.

Moisture that is left untreated can result in mold. Mold is very dangerous to your health and can form fairly quickly. It takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to begin to grow. Typically, the spores begin to colonize in 3 to 12 days and become visible in about 18-21 days. If you have water damage it’s important to call in your local water damage repair professionals in Willoughby so we can make sure all moisture is dried efficiently and properly, greatly reducing the risk of future damages and mold.

If you have water damage in your bathroom, give us a call 24/7!